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Champions Gunshop

Welcome to the pride and joy of our business.  Champions Locksmith & Gunshop is a well established business since the late 1940’s. Emil Swanepoel bought the business in the year 2000 and built it up to the  “Champion” business it is today                                                                

Here at Champions Gunshop we are more than just a gunshop, we CARE about YOU the owner, and we care about your WEAPON.  We got the expertise  to make sure you get the weapon you need to do the job at hand and the service you deserve.

With a joined 80 years of experience  in the firearms industry we would give you best advice regarding what  kind of weapon needed . We also offer reloading advise to the beginner, and the right way to run in a new rifle barrel .

Our Manager Mr Tom Clack, is a competitor for SAPSA, shooting league and has been competing for the last 34 years. He has been in the industry for 15 years.  

Our  qualified gunsmith Mr Tommie van der Merwe, and Paul Thorsen pride themselves in quality craftsmen ship in building new rifles as well as restoring your precious  antiques.  We also fit new rifle stocks and rifle scopes.

We also do the bookings for the shooting ranges, Spider Valley Shooting range,  and  Jan Haasbroek shooting range.  

We are here to give you  expert advice, and to make your shooting more pleasurable!